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Immigration is a social phenomena of the world's most problematic and controversial, from the perspective of the causes and consequences. Regarding the target countries of migration (especially Italy), the problems that arise concerning the regulation and control of migration flows into and stay of immigrants. Studio Dazzani trade deals with these issues for the past several years, solving complicated bureaucracy that plague so many people wishing to stay in Italy. The extension of the tourist permit, family reunification of immigrants already settled, the solutions are varied and effective, and able to solve most complicated cases to which we submitted.

Family reunification

The foreign national, holder of a residence permit for EC long-term residents or a residence permit with no less than one year issued for employment, independent for asylum, study, religious reasons, family reasons and for subsidiary protection may need to be achieved in Italy by close relatives, to hold together his family.

Solutions for Resident Permitsclients support

11 April 2007, in compliance to what is stipulated by Legislative Decree 6 February 2007, nr.30, implementing Directive 2004/38/EC on the right of Union citizens and their families to move and reside freely within territory of the Member States ", change the rules for entry and residence of EU citizens and their families. EU nationals wishing to settle in Italy, or in another EU state, no longer have the 'obligation to apply for a residence card, but after three months after, you must register at the municipality of residence for stays of less than three months is no longer required formalities.

Tax Assistance for Immigrants

  • Tax advice and assistance to legal immigrants who need documents such as tax return, Form 730 or Unico, income certifications, support for buildings or land deed, declaration ICI, leases, certificates of deposit, and many others.

  • Support for family practice or concessional financing, evaluation of buildings or commercial buildings. Utmost seriousness and competence in every aspect of the complicated economic and administrative.