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Commercial Studio Dazzani - Via Riviera Rome No. 3 - 45011 Adria (Rovigo) - Email -
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Office of Adria (RO): Via Riviera Roma n° 3 +39 0426 900 042Segreteria:
+39 0426 943 693FAX:

Rag. Leonardo Dazzani: +39 0426 900 042Telefono:
+39 0426 943 693FAX:

Office of Rimini (RN): Via Mentana n° 36 +39 0541 709 114Segreteria:
+39 0541 432 824FAX:

Rag. Angelo Levi: +39 0426 900 042Telefono:
+39 0426 943 693FAX:

Solutions for residence permits

  • The Community's citizens wishing to establish themselves in Italy, or in another member of the Union, no longer have an obligation to ask for the residence card but, after three months of the entrance, you need to register the Registry of the town of residence; for stays of less than three months is no longer required any formalities.

  • Legislative Decree N° 30.6 February 2007. Implementation of the Directive on the right of citizens of the Union, and their family members, to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States. change the rules for reductions and residence of citizens interest EUR and their family members.